The slogan “Black Lives Matter” or “BLM” resonates in communities around the world. Choose either a general or specific example in any jurisdiction (or country) and discuss it in relation to human rights. Although it is a vast topic, you should choose an example you can discuss and analyse in sufficient detail within the word limit (1500-1800 words, plus or minus 10%).
A good essay will:
• Briefly describe your chosen example and how it impacts on the lives of those affected.
Identify the major human rights violations involved in your example and indicate any
apparent conflicts between the human rights of any people or groups involved.
• Identify any international, regional, and domestic (national) instruments relevant to your
example. Include specific detail.
• Discuss any formal or informal mechanisms that are relevant to your example.
• Critique the effectiveness of the instruments and mechanisms you have selected to address
the concerns raised by your example.
• Show how the human rights concerns discussed in your essay might be addressed and how
the conflicts you identified earlier might be resolved. This will act as your conclusion.

Basic Human Rights