This assignment has several purposes:

  • To help you notice how often legal issues turn up in daily life, and therefore, the news
  • To get you to think about those legal issues in more depth
  • To encourage a critical reading of the news, keeping in mind that the way a news story is reported can influence the way we perceive the law


Assignment Instructions:

  1. Pick a news article that is:
    1. Recent
    2. Published by a reputable source
    3. Has a Canadian legal issue as an important aspect of the story and
    4. Is a substantial enough article to give you something to analyze (i.e. a three-paragraph article is not enough)


  1. Write an analysis of the news article, 2- 2.5 pages (1.5-line spacing) with the following structure (use headings):
    1. Brief summary the key facts given in the article (only the facts relevant to the legal issue)
    2. Brief summary of the legal issue raised
    3. Critical analysis of the article for:
      • Omissions of facts useful for analyzing the legal issues
      • Omissions of legal rules, references, or arguments
      • Errors about the law (for example, incorrect summaries or characterizations of legal rules)
      • The things it does well (for example, valuable information it includes, legal concepts accurately described, etc.)
    4. Conclude with a brief statement of your opinion about the legal issues in the article, and the article’s coverage of them
Canadian Legal Issue