In this last part of the assignment, you are describing your conclusions from the information you’ve put together in the other parts of the assignment.

*The previous parts in provided in PDF file.

You will now explain which hypothesis you believe is the best explanation of the data, given the criteria of adequacy, for each of the conspiracy theories you discussed. You will state the hypothesis you believe best explains the data and describe by you believe the way you do.
You are writing one and only one 550-word essay for Part III of this assignment that covers BOTH conspiracy theories: Trutherism and Birtherism]. You might, for example, spend most of your essay explaining why you might distrust any conspiracy theory, then briefly describe how the alternative hypotheses fail to meet reasonable criteria. Or, you might spend 215 words on each topic, describing why you chose the hypothesis you did. The structure is up to you. I am simply looking to see that you give defensible reasons why you think the hypotheses you’ve chosen best explain the data. I’m interested in how you make your argument, more than the specific material you include.

CONCLUSION: Trutherism and Birtherism