Discuss the following:

  1. Choose a theory of family therapy – YOU WILL USE Systems theory which is a framework for thinking about families that has it’s origins in many fields such as biology and anthropology. This unit and next will focus on the core ideas that drive working with families. How would your chosen theory approach and conceptualize what is causing the problem to continue in this family? Be specific to the family (application). Do not just describe the theory only.
  2. What family life cycle stage are they in? How do you know? What task are they struggling with the most (back up your answer)? How would it inform your approach (Be specific to the stage)? (remember, there is a chart at the beginning of our Nichol’s text ATTACHED (p. xiii that will assist you with this!)
  3. Identify one primary goal of the theory and how it would be tailored for this specific family case. Again, please do not only describe the goal of the theory in general terms, I must see application to the family.
  4. Identify 2 techniques used by that theory that could be utilized with this specific case and then explain how you would apply them to the family? Please do not only describe the technique.


Scoring Distribution

Conceptualization of the problem (40 points)

Family Life Cycle Stage (20 points)

Goal (20 points)

2 Techniques (20 points)


Please do not discuss the overall beliefs and tenets of your chosen theory- this is not a theories paper. You must write specifically about the application of the theory to the case. Do not spend time introducing the theory, just go directly to applying it. Every part of the theory you discuss should be applied (so if it’s mentioned, you must show how it applies to the case).


Your response should be clearly organized, supported by the text, and be 6-10 pages. Please no abstracts, no cover page, no citations, and no reference page. Your content should only be the answers to the questions. You should only need the books and materials from the class. Do not use outside sources. APA style is not required or necessary. You will not be graded on grammar, but make sure I can understand your points. To help me when I read it, separate the paper with headings by question. You will lose five points for less than 6 or more than 10 pages. Please use 12pt, Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1 inch margins, no spaces between paragraphs, and no running headers. You will lose 5 points for not following this format. You will lose 10 points for not using a theory that we covered.

Couple and Family Dynamics