Liz Kislik says that sometimes, we should just use the seemingly dreaded word. Kislik, President of Liz Kislik Associates LLC, is a renowned authority in the field of customer service and organizational management, with a client list that includes American Express, The Girl Scouts, and Staples. In Kislik’s blog, she focuses on all facets of business communication. Read “When ‘No’ is Preferable to ‘Maybe,'” and answer the following questions:

When “No” is Preferable to “Maybe”

1. Why do you believe it is more difficult for people to say “no” than “maybe”?
2, Discuss how Kislik’s examples relate to powerless speech as discussed in the chapter.
3. Describe how “maybe” versus “no” has impacted precision or
vagueness in one of your communication exchanges. If you could have this conversation over again, what would you do differently?

Do you say “maybe” when you really mean “no”?