Discussion Prompts:
– One: Use “Scene and Narration” and Truby’s “Scene Construction” to analyze the scene from “Us and Them” in which Sedaris fights with his mother over Halloween candy. Using terms from “Scene and Narration” and Truby’s “Scene Construction,” tell me how this scene works.
– Two: Discuss Strayed’s “The Love of My Life”in terms of Gerard’s chapter 7 and his ideas of how CNF authors use the “techniques of fiction.” Be specific as to the techniques you’re referring to, and the parts of the stories that exhibit them (quotes and pg #s are greatly appreciated). Basically, we’re trying to figure out what makes a piece of CNF work – how does Strayed take lived events and shape them into a story using the techniques Gerard presents?
– Three: Map Truby’s Seven Steps in either Strayed or Sedaris.

ENG – creative writing