Task: Interview an English Language Learner for his/her language learning experience

Related Class Readings

Brown and Larson-Hall, All Myths

Baldwin et al., Chapter 12

Kramsch, Chapter 7

Additional Reading: Bebout, L. (2001). “What was it like to learn English?” Learner interviews in TESL training. TESL Canada Journal, 19(1), 73-79. (Pdf on CANVAS)

I will attach a copy of this reading.


An ELL is someone who learns English as an additional language to his/her native tongue (L1). Regardless of the person’s age, gender, L1 background, type of language instruction received, type of contexts (linguistic environments) that this person has been exposed to English, you are required to select and interview an ELL with respect to his/her English language learning experiences (e.g., an undergraduate from a foreign country, someone who has come to the US only to learn English, or anyone who has the experience of learning English as an additional language etc.). Please be careful not to select an early bilingual (someone who was raised with both English and another language from birth) for this topic. If you prefer to interview a balanced bilingual, see topic 2.


You are expected to address the following themes in order to obtain further information regarding the ELL’s language learning experience. As for good interviewing skills, please see the general guidelines for conducting interviews (McNamara, 2009). Do not forget to use a PSEUDONYM for your interviewee (do not use his/her real name) along your report.

English Language Learners