1x Exhibition Catalogue (1000 words) and five images
The essay should be in three sections:

1) An introduction to your theme- what is it about?

2) A critical and contextual framing of the work- what ideas are you exploring and what cultural issues are you relating it to?
3) A consideration of the meaning of your practice- what do you think your work says and how might it be perceived?

The five images are about the protest happened in Hong Kong and presented as an exhibition catalogue. These five images each represent different meanings which I will list out what those mean.

The first picture; the camera and the cage, tells that freedom of press/speech has no longer exist in Hong Kong. Revealing the truth through the camera might result you in jail.etc….

The second photo shows that a protester is full of dirts and wounded, which tells about the police brutality, gasses at the background represents as the tear gas.etc…

The third photo shows a gun but its build with cameras and lens. It represents that the government sees the camera as threatening as a gun.etc….

The forth photo is showing the situation of the protest which has two flags ; the Hong Kong Independence and Free HK Revolution now. etc…

The fifth photo shows a yellow rain jacket this is representing there was a young man who suicide himself to tell the government to stop the extradition law. He did not kill himself, he was killed by tyranny. etc…….

Exhibition Catalogue