The class is intro to psychology
listen to the story on the following page: You can listen to the whole thing or split into two subparts. The sub-pages contain transcripts.

As you listen to the story, think about the following questions or just choose one or two and answer them.

1-What are the main points in this story?
2-What does it mean to say that vision happens in the brain and not the eyes? Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain why or why not.
3- How can expectations affect what people learn?
4- Can you imagine what the subjective conscious experience is like when blind people construct visual representation through sound?
5- What parts of this story are based on science and what parts are moral or ethical considerations? What are the specific scientific findings? If you identify things as scientific or non-scientific, explain your reasoning. Be specific. What makes something scientific or non-scientific?

How To Become Batman