Complete ALL of the following THREE requests in the role stated.  All questions carry equal weighting.


The questions relate to the issues raised in the scenario. You should ensure that you approach the analysis and conclusions in your response from the perspective given; being innovative and considering some of the wider issues that might surround the facts. In constructing your responses, you should also be aware of the intended audience identified within the questions and direct the level of your answers accordingly. The questions are designed to give a focus to the sub- themes of the integrative module. However in the spirit of integration there might be some overlapping of the themes in each question


Questions: Submit each question as a separate piece of work and clearly label each by question number and activity. 

Write a professional article on the ‘professional and legal aspects of confidentiality’ for Imaging and Therapy practice journal.



The article should critically discuss why it is important to ensure that privileged patient information is only used for the benefit of the patient and kept confidential from those who do not have lawful access to it. It is designed to raise awareness amongst radiographers and to inform them of the possible effect upon their career. Maximum 1200 words


Produce a health promotion poster explaining how lifestyle may lead to the development of atherosclerosis. The poster is designed to educate the public.


The Radiology Service manager has delegated the following task to you in your role as an advanced practitioner at Karemore Hospital.

The poster should strive to educate the public and improve their understanding of atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, its diagnosis and management.


You should outline the aetiology, risk factor, signs and symptoms, complications, imaging and management. This should all be framed around the British Heart foundation (BFH) risk factors.  Equivalent 1600 words



Written Report


You are in the role of the Radiology Services Manager at Karemore Hospital. The Chief Executive has asked you to provide a report in response to the Hearsay Express article of 9th January 2020 and Jeremy suet-Feline’s letter to the chief executive regarding his complaints about inequitable treatment. You are required to respond to and address the inequalities in healthcare provision within the scenario, explaining and justifying the factors that influence the decision making process in prioritising patients e.g. patients’ non-compliance to recommended lifestyle changes, risk assessment of the patient; their clinical indications, severity of symptoms, age, medical stability of patient and any other factors that might influence the prioritisation process. Maximum 1200 words

Integrated Radiography