This assignment is intended to give you an insight into the challenges facing Multinational Business Enterprises of the kind that many of you aspire to work for. To do this you will consider the operations (past, present and future) of a Multinational Company Novartis – Based in Switzerland – you should use concepts introduced in the International Business, and remember the behavioural aspects of International Business

The company will have a wide range of international activities as it is taken from a global listing – there will be plenty of information available to you in the public domain. The company’s Annual Report and other information on the company’s own website will be valuable sources of information, as well as third party commentaries on the Company, including reputable media sources. Your task is to research relevant information and use it to answer the following practical issues facing managers – using concepts in International Business.


1)      Concisely introduce the company’s activities – products that it offers, the locations where it operates, and examples of the range of transaction modes that discussed in the lecture (please see below picture) it uses (All the pictures it is just for clarification and zoom in it to see it clearly) – you may need to do this by interpreting the nature of the subsidiaries it operates (wholly-owned, joint ventures, agents, etc)      (600 words)



2)  Interpret (1) above in terms of the three elements of OLI concept  – specifically analyse whether the management team behaves in an ethnocentric or geocentric manner as it expands globally. Consider how this behaviour relates to the National Culture of the country where the company has its headquarters.  (600 words)




3)   From the perspective of the company’s customers, employees, and suppliers critically evaluate the impact so far of two events currently dominating the international business environment  – trade disputes between nations, and the Covid 19 pandemic. For each event, choose 2 product/location activities from (1) above.  (800 words(


4)   Focussing on Covid 19, briefly summarise adjustments already made to the company’s Value Chain globally – then concentrate on recommending further adjustments it might consider for these management functions (marketing, HRM, procurement and supply chain, technology management) – which functions it should locate where, and why. Pay particular attention to the intangible service elements it offers.)    1000 words(


Write, concisely, a report of three thousand words and four sections guided by the word lengths indicated above – use subheadings to clearly signpost content of your report.


Use appendices for data about the company, and the main body of your report for analysing, interpreting, evaluating that data. Appendices are NOT included in the word count.


Acknowledge all sources in a Reference List, using the Harvard Referencing System (combining industry and academic sources).



International Business ( Novartis )