Develop a written paper with the following guidelines:
• Identify and research a recent ethical leadership situation.
• Using the Ethical Decision Making Model located below, analyze and discuss the chosen
situation, integrating relevant concepts of leadership into your narrative.
• Discuss how ethical leadership and an understanding of the ethical decision making model might
influence diverse opinion and the civic and social responsibility decisions and strategies within an
o In particular, consider the community knowledge necessary for meaningful participation
and acquisition of resources, as well as economic, social and environmental factors and
how ethical decision making relates to these.
• Finally, consider how ethical leadership can contribute to building and sustaining functional
The Ethical Decision Making Model:
1. Identify the main ethical problem or issue.
2. Identify the stakeholder impacted by the situation or how it affected them.
3. Discuss which of the ethical principles are in question: Four Fundamental Ethical Principles
4. Discuss which ethical philosophies are relevant to the situation: Egoism, Utilitarianism, Justice,
Virtue Ethics, Deontology, Relativism
5. Recommend a plan for resolving the ethical problem.

Leadership – Ethical Issues