Before you begin preparing your lesson plan, review the document provided titled “Lesson Plan Guide.” It will be a great tool to help you.

Select a piece of children’s literature. After reading it, you will need to complete/address the following:

  • Determine what math concept can be taught using the book.
  • After selecting an SOL (Standard of Learning) that matches the concept, describe in detail how you would integrate the content of the book to teach the math concept.
  • What activities would you include?

When writing your lesson plan for this course, use the Lesson Plan Template. This document will aid you in writing an objective. Make sure that your objective has the 3 parts described. Since this lesson is for a math lesson, make sure that you include a manipulative in the lesson. This manipulative must be incorporated throughout the lesson and not just added on at the end of the lesson. You must use it in your instruction, guided practice, and independent practice. You must include an image of the manipulative with your lesson plan.

After completing the lesson plan, you will need to teach the lesson. If you are not in a classroom, invite friends (or your family) over and let them be your “students.” After you have taught the lesson, write a reflection about your lesson using the form provided titled “Lesson Plan Reflection Form.”



Lesson Plan and Reflection