**Organize the headings and content of your paper using the outline below:
– Select a body system relevant to the lesson from the previous week for the topic of this paper (Obtaining a Patient’s Health History; Interviewing Techniques).
– Construct relevant health history questions (subjective data) pertaining to the body system. NOTE: questions are for all body systems as included on the review of systems (ROS).
– Provide an overview of the objective data and expected normal physical examination findings for this body system. NOTE: provide the expected normal subjective findings for each body systems on the ROS.
– Explain special physical assessment examination techniques or procedures specific to assessing body systems. NOTE: explain advanced interview techniques.
– Analyze and discuss how you might adapt your physical assessment skills or interviewing techniques to accommodate each of the following specific populations:
– Infant/pediatric
– Pregnancy
– Geriatric
– Identify one disease process or condition that may significantly hinder conducting a Health History interview (Dementia).
– Synthesis and discuss the expected abnormal physical examination findings that may be associated with this disease or disease process.
– Summarize the key points.
** Paper and references in correct APA format (must be within last 5 years)

Obtaining a Patient’s Health History