For our second assignment, we are going to apply some theory to practice using a study from the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology. Specifically, you are going to develop a Recovery Program according to Sonnentag and Fritz (2007) using each of their recommended strategy areas (SEE ATTACHED pages 206-210 for guidance). This is intended to serve as an exercise in using empirical research to improve the workplace environment. Feel free to be as creative as you like with your proposal!

Here are the key strategy areas you should address in your program:
• Relaxation
• Mastery
• Control
You will develop a ‘Recovery Intervention Program’ for a highly stressful job. You may select one of the following jobs (or any other that fits the profile of a highly stressful job):
• Physician/Surgeon
• EMT/Paramedic
• Air Traffic Controller
• Senior corporate executive
• Firefighter
• Police Officer
• Public relations executive
• Airline Pilot
• Emergency Dispatcher
• Event coordinator
• Taxi Driver
• Critical Care Nurse
• Midwives
• Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
• News reporter – Broadcaster
• Event Coordinator
• Bus Driver
• (Nuclear) Power Plant operator
In your write-up, be sure to include the following components:
1. Using O*NET or Bureau of Labor Statistics (i.e., (or a combination of both), identify expected workplace stressors that impact your target job.
o In other words, provide a brief description of the job and give a sense of why it would be considered stressful. What other factors (individual and organizational) might influence the magnitude of these stressors?
2. Discuss the main stressors for the job you’ve chosen in more detail.
o For instance, using any of the models and theories discussed in class, how might these stressors manifest in someone’s work? What are some of the potential outcomes resulting from prolonged exposure to these stressors? What theories might explain this? Provide an explanation.
3. Discuss how your Recovery Intervention will address these stressors.
o How does theory tie into your recovery program? How would you evaluate the effectiveness of your program (think back to chapter 2)?
o Ensure that you’ve provided specific recommendations in each strategy area discussed in Sonnentag and Fritz (2007).
Your responses should be clear yet succinct whilst reflecting the purpose of your chosen job and recovery program (minimum 500 words, 12-point, Times New Roman, double-spaced).

Organizational Psychology: Recovery Intervention Program