Did you know about the Paterson Silk Strike? Has anyone been to the Paterson Museum or the American Labor Museum in Haledon (http://www.labormuseum.net/)?

Some questions to consider:

What were the real issues behind the causes of the Paterson silk strike?

Was the strike simply over poor conditions and low pay, or were there greater forces involved?

What were the differing views and attitudes concerning working conditions and compensation?

Why was the Paterson silk strike fiercely opposed by the owners of the factories and society as a whole?

What other factors led many not to support the striking workers’ position?

Don’t forget to read Hegelson, pp. 7-12.

Also, take a look at this brief account of the Paterson Strike Pageant:

“A New Social Art”: The Paterson Strike Pageant

“A New Social Art”: The Paterson Strike Pageant

Paterson Silk Strike, 1913

Paterson Silk Strike