Describe a situation in your own life or in the life of somebody you know, which you view as representing post-traumatic growth and which you feel comfortable to share. Share as much or as little as you feel comfortable and focus on: I will use my sister’s experience in a domestic violate relationship when she was a young mother. She had two kids with this man but endured physical and emotional abuse. She overcame that ordeal and left him and become a police officer. She will retire by next year and she is in a healthy relationship now.
the process from adversity to growth (rather than on the adversity itself)
what and who helped in the process
what you learned from this experience that you can apply in your practice with clients
Be as specific as possible and refrain from general statements such as “I can understand better my clients’ experience of growth”. Write in a way that will allow your peers to get a realistic sense of the transformation.
Explain different aspects of resilience in diverse client systems.
Apply the model of post-traumatic growth to the aforementioned client systems.
Discuss vicarious PTG in practitioners.

Post-Traumatic Growth