write your own policy report on an aspect of precarious work in BC

A policy report analyzes a policy issue and makes policy recommendations to address the issue identified. You can argue for a particular set of policies, as long as your arguments are supported by your data and examples. A policy report should also provide an objective summary of relevant research on the issue (this would be included in the main section of your report).

The main section includes the context or scope of the problem. For example, if you are writing on precarious work, you will want to outline the problem, using data and examples, and discuss why precarious work in B.C. is a policy issue that the government needs to address. Secondary research (e.g. statistics, other policy analyses, academic research) should be used to describe the context or scope of the problem in B.C. This information should be included in the main section of your policy report.

In the next section of your policy report, you will need to discuss your policy recommendations. This section provides a detailed explanation of the concrete steps to be taken to address the policy issue. You should provide two or more policy recommendations that will help address the issue you have identified. For example, for the topic on precarious work in B.C., one of your policy recommendations could be increasing the minimum wage or implementing a living wage.

Your policy report should review and discuss policy options, but should also make use of concepts from the course modules. The modules and course readings should be used to define concepts and to describe and outline the topic you have selected.

Precarious work in BC