Learning Objectives Assessed

  • CLO1 – Understand social media and mobile tools and how they can be used to influence brand awareness and recall
  • CLO2 – Understand social media and mobile metrics, analytics and optimization techniques

Ready for Life and Work

Assessments require students to know, understand, apply, analyse, evaluate real-world digital marketing scenarios to create viable social media and mobile marketing campaign strategies that conform to industry standards and adhere to responsible digital marketing practices.

Assessment Details


For this assignment, you need to write a blog with well-researched professional insight and persuasive personal opinion on the required topic. This assignment is for internal educational purposes only, so you do not need to publish it online. However, you need to create a “mock-up” of the published blog.  The format and technical considerations should follow the requirements of a LinkedIn blog. (Links to an external site.)

These include the use of author byline and photo, headlines/ sub-headlines, cover image (also known as the hero image), figures/ images with descriptive captions, SEO keywords, tags, takeaway/ listicles, call to action (CTA) and hyperlinks (Links to an external site.) to rich multimedia media (videos, slides, podcasts, etc.) or any online references you cite.

The topic of your blog article is to explore 1 trend (Links to an external site.) or megatrend (Links to an external site.) that has been used as a strategic element in a brand’s social media marketing strategy.

Your discussion must focus on a specific geographic (example: Vietnam, Europe, Asia Pacific, etc.). You need to compare and contrast how this trend or megatrend was/ is used by 2 competing brands from the same category/ industry.  Use your personal experience when applicable. Discuss the future prospects and potential of continued use of this social media strategy.


Social media and mobile marketing