A 17-year-old female patient named Jess, who recently broke up with her boyfriend, reveals she has been cutting her arms. While rolling up her sleeves to display the cuts, she expresses suicidal ideation. She has a suicidal plan, overdosing on her depression medication, but says she doubts she would ever actually attempt to take her life. She reports no serious previous attempts”.

1.Based on the methodology and lack of structure of the Person-Centered Therapy, what will be the appropriate approach to Jess?


2.What is Jess’ ability to solve her psychological issues without a clear therapeutic structure or approach?


3.As a therapist, how would you approach patients like Jess while staying in the Person-Centered Therapy boundaries?


4.What would you do in future sessions to better guide patients like Jess without going out of the Person-Centered Therapy limits?

Solution Focus Therapy