1. What do you think are the strategic strengths and weaknesses of the institutional set-up between Google and Google.org? If you were a major shareholder in Google, would you continue to support Google’s strategy to both philanthropy and Google.org? Why, or why not? Be specific.
  2. In Exhibit 8 of the case, Megan Smith is promoted to take over the day-to-day management of Google.org. One of the first things she is asked to do is “focus on how Google.org can best achieve its mission.” Imagine for a moment that you are Ms. Smith. What should Google.org do to focus its mission? Why? How? Be specific, and go well beyond simplistic recommendations, such as “hire a consultant” or “do a marketing study.”
  3. Do you think that “good intentions” are enough to sustain Google.org, despite their apparent lack of focus and strategy? How should non-profits be assessed and disciplined, if profit is not the primary feedback mechanism?
Strategic Situation Analyses