This assignment examines the process of U.S. interagency negotiation when it comes to setting global health engagement priorities. You will each be assigned a U.S. federal government department or agency (D/A) to represent.  D/As will include: DOS (two different offices – the Burma desk and IHB), DOD (OSD Policy and DTRA), DOC, FBI, HHS, CDC, NIH, DNI, USAID, USDA, DOE, and DHS.  (See one-page descriptions of each department or agency.)


The assignment consists of two parts. For the first part, due 24 hours before the Week 4 Synchronous Session, you will produce a talking points memo for the principal representative from your agency to use at a policy coordination committee (PCC) meeting. The objective of the PCC meeting in this case is to develop and decide on a coherent U.S. policy framework for biomedical and health engagement with Burma (Myanmar). More information on the meeting is provided below. Your talking points should allow for your D/A’s representative at the meeting to understand the purpose of the meeting, clearly present the D/A’s engagement priorities, place them in the context of the D/A’s overall mission, and identify any red flags or possible challenges that may be raised by other D/A.