Please complete Assignment 8 below. The intent of the assignments is explaining your analysis in a concise manner. The readings and case study are attached, and you must include citations for any documents you quote, reference, or paraphrase, including the textbook and Harvard cases.

Global Strategy

Learning Objective: Understand how to achieve competitive advantage through global strategy.

Reading: Global Strategy, Chapter 9 – Innovation and the MNE

Reading: Global Strategy, Chapter 10 – Leveraging Opportunities in the Connected Economy

Assignment 8: Final Report

Choose a company, and based on the textbook, cases, and lectures, develop a strategy for this company to enter, compete, and grow in a foreign country (The company must not already be in the country you choose.)

Clearly explain your recommended:

  1. a) strategy (for entry, competing, and growth)
  2. b) organizational architecture
  3. c) control systems; and
  4. d) processes for building capabilities, innovating, and motivating people (You may not replicate a case study from our course readings).


Understand how to achieve competitive advantage through global strategy