The Stakeholders in Veterans and Athletes United (VAU) are the 5 Board Members that oversee the various aspects of the organization; however, the president and founder Mr. James Howard is the main point of contact. There is also a 6-person advisory committee that assists the board members in the planning and implementation of programs within the organization. Each of the board members and advisors is available for interviews, and Mr. Howard has allowed us to view VAU’s financial documents, and budget analysis to review. VAU also has over 30 partners within the community that help provide athletic programs, and destination retreats for wounded veterans and they have also given their approval for analysis.

  1. Is VAU willing to be interviewed and examined for evaluation ?
  2. what documentation is available for this evaluation and is VAU approving it to be part of the evaluation?
  3. Which, If any local partners are available for evaluation?
Veterans and Athletes United (VAU)