HOTL 3013 – Global and Premium Service


Part One

Describe the following in a 500-word paper. Watch spacing, spelling and grammar. Use double spacing throughout.

Research the following hotels:

The Westin Trillium House Blue Mountain (4 star hotel)

Mosaic – Boutique Suites by Blue Mountain Resorts (3 star hotel)

Blue Mountain Village Recreation & Conference Centre

Blue Mountain Village Tourism

Explain what these 3-and-4-starred hotels offer in terms of products and services – how is luxury service presented? (4 marks)

Based on your research, what does Blue Mountain Village offer to interconnect all businesses to be a community?  Think location, target segments and convenience. (4 marks)

Explain what a family could experience in such a dynamic resort location in all four seasons. (4 marks)

Provide APA references from your research.

*Full marks given for thoughtfulness and being thorough, with examples from your research


Part Two

The following question is based on your opinion, a bonus of 3 marks. No more than 5 or so sentences.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your final semester of learning? What did you find challenging and what did you find rewarding?


Virtual Alternate Assignment